Our Process

If you’re thinking of using Kegg’s for your cabinet project, we’d like to take the time to explain the process for our customers.

Budget and Knowing What You Want (Or Don’t Want)
In the initial planning stages, it is important to decide on a budget.  We deal with a variety of customers: what is considered inexpensive for one customer may be too costly for another.  Often, customers want to do something with their kitchen, but don’t know what exactly.  By telling us a price point, we can help you look at options that will fit your budget.  You can do new cabinets, or reface your cabinet with a veneer and purchase new doors, giving the kitchen an entirely new look.

It’s also important to have a starting point for your design.  Look through magazines, look at paint samples, window shop, pay attention to the things you see. Then let us know what is important for you.  Sometimes, customers will build the colors of kitchen around a slab of granite. Sometimes, they look for something to compliment the floor.  We’ve had customers come in with paint chips for the walls, and have selected their material based on that color.  Even better is finding one thing thing that you love, be it flooring, a sink, a lamp, or even a toaster.  We’ve even had customers come in telling us what they don’t want.  All of this gives us an idea of where to start from to help guide you towards the materials that would work best for you.

Another major decision for our customers is material and finish.  Different materials vastly change an estimate, not just due to the cost of a material but the labor required to fabricate your project.  But whatever you do, Don’t Limit Yourself.  It’s easy to fall in love with one look you see.  However, sometimes, that look may be out of your price range.  Be open to looking at different options; oftentimes, the option you never even considered may be the best one for your project.

Related Repairs and Additional Construction
Keep in mind that some projects lead to others.  For instance, if you want to move your switch the positions of your stove and refrigerator, you may need to have an electrician modify the wiring our outlets.   If you refrigerator has an ice machine, that will need to be plumbed in.  Kegg’s Kreations is happy to work with a contractor of your choice, but please bear in mind that other expenses can be involved.

If you are planning on doing other projects, please let us know. For example, if you want to get new floors, it is recommended that the flooring be coordinated with the cabinets. Some customers want the flooring to go under the cabinets, others want it to meet the toe kick.

Getting Started
Once these decisions have been made, we’ll set an appointment to have someone come out to take measurements for your cabinets.  We will use this information to draft an estimate.  Kegg’s does not charge for the initial measuring or for drafting your estimate.

To help the customer decide if the kitchen is right for them, we can also create computerized layout to help verify the look you want.

Once our customer has the estimate, we finalize the project.  Before work can begin, Kegg’s requires a signed and dated estimate to establish that the customer understands what the costs will likely be.  However, the estimate total is NOT FINAL. Unexpected issues can arise during fabrication and installation.  Sometimes, the final invoice will be for less than the estimate, sometimes more.  Any changes to the estimate price will be discussed with you beforehand.  Kegg’s also requires a deposit for the purchase of materials before we order materials and begin work.  This ensures that material costs are covered in case the customer must delay the project.

After the deposit has been received, Kegg’s will take the final measurements and begin fabrication.  Once fabrication is nearing completion, our office will contact the customer to set a day and time for installation.  Final payment is due the day installation is completed. Typically, customers will pay by check before our crew leaves the job site. If you need to pay by credit card or need to make other arrangements, please contact our office.

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